Sunday, 11 October 2009

Nice cup of coffee.

Sam likes the photo ones because these are so girly and it makes them more personal
am having a coffee in my new mug thanks polly xx.
i deserve it after my long day making these cards.

25 cards down and dusted, waiting to see if need any more?
thanks for taking the time to view my blog and leave your comments. xxx

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Some pink

Here are 3 invited see if my nice Sam like any of them.

I like them all but i did make them lol xxx
wot do you think.


Hi not been up here for some time.So can i say thanks to a friend for a beautiful picture she made.

Am going to do some samples of christening Invited for my nice look out pink here we go.Thanks all so for stoping and

Friday, 25 September 2009


It has come to my notice that I have been the subject of some speculation, I would just like to say to those that matter that I have been to the police station and taken some advice and have been told that I would be quite within my rights to take this matter further as this is slanderous.

To end on a good note here is Molly making her party invitations.

50 of them, what a good idea. I think we all need a party and to live life to the full.

Well done Molly, they are lovely, keep crafting.

Thursday, 10 September 2009


My friend Pam has had this murel done by her friend Graham, for her grandchildren in their new nursery.

These were the first sketches.

Added some colour

Finishing touches

Little roo

Jay's hunny pots

Ruby's hunny pots

I've invited Gray to come and do a step for me !! watch this space.

Saturday, 5 September 2009


Laura made this card for sue to say thanks for her classes were going to miss them. To day Kate,Polly,& sue called round today and Kate did her step.And Polly was teaching use how to colour with the copics She is a good teacher and we pit it up quick.Thanks Polly for today Laura says THANKS Laura would like some so going to start looking around for some!We will have to do it again soon.xx

sue having fun

Kate;s step

Kate's step is ace what a good idea Kate had. she put some lace down and a hand made stencil and spray it all with 3 colours than when it was dry she""""""""

pulled it all up woooow

sorry aboat pic.

woow that is so good hope you had fun doing it?hope you did not get to hi. Thanks again Kate xx

Sunday, 23 August 2009


Hi this is Dylan with blue feet.

These are my Nice's SAM with her nice Lorrie. Lorrie has been doing pink feet.

Shyann is 6 mouth old and did purple one

Reeves but he is coming anther day but we left a space.
so thats 6 down lol xx

Friday, 21 August 2009


First i wound like to say thank you to my follower for looking in.And i have to say sorry for this blog but i was doing pic and time just passed like it dose.and had to go to work so running down and out i forgot to turn of pc, so when i got to work i phone Laura to do it for me .But she press publish post and not saved.whats she like? this is my tin a calendar
First 6 months

last 6 months

This is the front of a step

LAURA did her tin so she can put Holiday pic in it.

this is the tins before we did them.

I got some more whiff of joy stamps so that make my collection about 50 thank to Jill at THE HOBBY HOUSE at TETNEY and the Internet.

hope this is a bit better thanks.

Saturday, 15 August 2009

catch up time

These are some cards that me and the kids made for sue,paul ,faye, ash, josh.

Nathan made this one for sue, paul

Laura did this one for faye and ash on the birth of there baby boy

I did this one for the two new parent FAYE & ASH.

On Sunday laura had her friend loren round and she did some crafting for the fist time and she loved it .

she made this lovey card for her friend's wedding for her first time i think its great .

well done loren lovey card xx

These are some of the card's that we have been making at sue for the last 3 week's

laura did this lovey pink one

and this one was finished at home

this is a slide Mount

laura's first time water painting

these are my card's i did with sue

another slide mount

thanks for all your classes sue. love them x