Sunday, 11 October 2009

Nice cup of coffee.

Sam likes the photo ones because these are so girly and it makes them more personal
am having a coffee in my new mug thanks polly xx.
i deserve it after my long day making these cards.

25 cards down and dusted, waiting to see if need any more?
thanks for taking the time to view my blog and leave your comments. xxx


  1. WOW you definitely derserve that cuppa, those invites look great, especially that flourish xxxx

  2. actually maz I just love the PINK hand prints and could we have a close up of the cup? Does it match your collection and how is the collection going?

    Lovely work as always and fab to see you blogging and crafting
    Kate xx

  3. Laughs have you only got round to using that mug today - shame on you :o) - gave it to you weeks ago. Invites are great - but then pink is my fave colour. take care

  4. Beautiful cards and must have taken ages ...
    aww cute baby xxxx