Thursday, 8 October 2009

Some pink

Here are 3 invited see if my nice Sam like any of them.

I like them all but i did make them lol xxx
wot do you think.


  1. Like them all but especially the middle one x BTW - I havent forgotten about the 'leaf' been so busy at work just havent had any time off lately - will be in touch to pay and pick up

  2. well the first one looks very familiar,,,,, (mols invites) but they was pretty,, bless her,,,
    well i like the third one mate,,, with baby pic on its cute,,

  3. gorgeous my darl, love the middle one especially cya soon
    kate x

    ps think Sam will loooooooooooooove them so PINK.....................

  4. LOL @ Kate - my favourite is the middle one too