Friday, 25 September 2009


It has come to my notice that I have been the subject of some speculation, I would just like to say to those that matter that I have been to the police station and taken some advice and have been told that I would be quite within my rights to take this matter further as this is slanderous.

To end on a good note here is Molly making her party invitations.

50 of them, what a good idea. I think we all need a party and to live life to the full.

Well done Molly, they are lovely, keep crafting.


  1. hi hun
    nice to see you blogging again. What lovely work and I just love those butterflies. Sorry Laura - will get to use my cupcake soon I promise. Maz how are the steps coming along. Sorry I will miss you next week and look forward to seeing you on our next get together
    take care and chin up Kate xx

  2. cant believe she blaming u for that ,,, like u would even think about doing that... who does she think she is ,,,, god she gets me so mad,,, she thinks she can talk to people that way n people are just going to take it ,,, well she lucky i wasnt with you mate,,, coz she certainly wouldnt be smirking the way she is at u n talking about u the way she is ,, u want to do her for slander,,, just been on her blog n cant believe she has people sending her cakes n stuff how pathetic is that ,,, does she even know what people are saying about her behind her back,,hahah how two faced are they,,,
    well keep ya chin up sweety,,, n dont worry aBout her u have nothing to be ashamed of she has obviously pissed of more than you if she getting mail like that,,, she deserves everything she gets sweety,,, think il be leaving her a message on her blog cant believe u didnt ring me when it happened i would of been straight down there honey ,,, love ya mate,x,x