Saturday, 9 January 2010


Long time no blogging can i just say ALL THE BEST FOR 2010 TO YOU ALL,

I would also like to say a well done to Polly for your scrapbook page in the magazine and i love your wine bottle,s covers maybe you could done a class in them.

Also well done to Kate for cracking the copies love all your cards,

And sue well done to you also for your double pages in craft stamper,

Sorry all this comment are late but had a lot on.

And thanks to Sam for all your help.

And last but not less to you all keep on crafting.xx


  1. Hiya Maz

    Great to see you back in blogland, long may it continue

    Happy New Year to you and yours too

    Sam xxx

  2. Wey hey you are back! Great to see it! x

  3. A Happy & Healthy New Year to you and your family Maz - thanks for the kind comments I was well chuffed believe me :O)

  4. Sorry for delayed comment, back at work and sooooooooooooooooo hectic. Hope you all had fun over xmas and that you got some new crafty bits to play with. Thank you for your lovely comment and A happy and prosperous new year to your and your family
    kate x