Saturday, 25 July 2009


Yes it are Sam playing with here favourite colours green.
she really wonted to do a pink one (NOT)
Sam did this green stamp for me ,thanks Sam looks good.

Sue was also here today and did this pink step too. Am going to take more pic of this tomorrow in the day light. thank a lot sue love it .I have got a step for Polly,Kate,Lisa,Pam lol

I got a present today of Sam and it had a PINK tag on it yes Sam pink and here it is lol

But this is the best art work from Sam and it up on my wall now thanks again Sam.

It look ace up there.


  1. Had a great time today Maz. Thanks again, see you next week.

  2. Thanks Maz, had a fab day, managed to get extremely messy so that's my kinda day - see you soon xxxxx

  3. In all my step excitment I forgot to mention that fab hanger. It's turned out really great and will come in very useful xxxx

  4. love the steps so far, but can imagine the mess on sam I bet she enjoyed it too
    kate x