Saturday, 25 July 2009

polly's challenge

Hi again i was asked to alter a coat hanger by polly. so i made a ribbons holder
Hope this is ok.thanks polly.

Here are some more pic of sue step

Nice and pink.


  1. Great minds think alike Maz - mine too is a ribbon holder! :O) Yours is lovely - swap? xx

  2. love the coat hanger and what you have done with it, can't wait to get mine and see what I can do. Will need to contact you for a step date soon, but may need to wait till after the party, I have put a lot of thought in and come up with an idea xx really looking forward to it. Love your work.
    kate x

  3. You got stuck in with that Maz. Well done. I must think what to do with mine.
    Sue x