Thursday, 23 July 2009

Wendnesday with sue.****

The inside of a lovey card i made at sue's.

I loved the idea that this card is made from 2 envelopes. How good is that!

I thought the small tiles on the front are good
And if you have got lots of bit and bobs to use.

This is my sign i made for my wall and at sue's i was given a butterfly to use from Kate

Thanks Kate looks good!


  1. Lovely stuff Maz, and you've used the butterfly too. Wonder what the others will use theirs on?
    Sue x

  2. love the card colours would love to be able to attend Sue's classes more frequently (it is a shame work gets in the way) Love the wall sign and much prefer this use of the butterfly to your initial cheat attempt. Can't wait to see the other interpretations, I still have not got an idea for mine, it might have to wait till my room is done and then I could maybe create a door sign, cya soon kate x

  3. I saw the letters and the butterfly in the flesh today on the wall - they look brill xxxx

    Your envelope card is fab too, I love all those individual tiles on the front and what you've done with them even if there is some pink lingering!!!!