Saturday 5 September 2009


Laura made this card for sue to say thanks for her classes were going to miss them. To day Kate,Polly,& sue called round today and Kate did her step.And Polly was teaching use how to colour with the copics She is a good teacher and we pit it up quick.Thanks Polly for today Laura says THANKS Laura would like some so going to start looking around for some!We will have to do it again soon.xx

sue having fun

Kate;s step

Kate's step is ace what a good idea Kate had. she put some lace down and a hand made stencil and spray it all with 3 colours than when it was dry she""""""""

pulled it all up woooow

sorry aboat pic.

woow that is so good hope you had fun doing it?hope you did not get to hi. Thanks again Kate xx


  1. ACE step Kate, I'm very impressed with the techniques, they turned out so well! Look forward to Polly's stairway to (craft) heaven design. Plus the Thorntons cakes, malteeser hot chocolate drink and T Rex vibes had me freakin out BIG STYLE lol. Thanks for the beautiful card Laura, It'll soon be on my blog, after X factor of course, ooh must go it's on now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sue xxx

  2. Hi Maz and Laura - thanks for a great afternoon - Kates step looks fab - I have Thurs afternoon off - would that be ok to come round and finish off the Thorntons???? :O) (the step really) xx

  3. Thanks Maz and Polly and Sue really enjoyed it can't wait to see Polly's after she has finished off those lovely Thorntons
    Kate x

  4. Looks like you all had a fab day xxx